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Brandy Says She Would Never Date Joe Budden, Here’s Why

Brandy is looking for love but Joe Budden is out of the equation.

It seems like there aren’t a lot of celebrities out there trying to shoot their shot the old-fashioned way anymore, like perhaps with a phone call. Instead, they let their interests be known in very public ways and hope it turns out in their favor. This was Joe Budden’s strategy when he mentioned to Ray J on a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast that he has always had a thing for his sister. “I love Brandy,” he admitted. “I might need to pull up.” Ray J confirmed that Brandy is single and looking, saying, “She needs a nice, good wholesome guy that’s gonna be honest.”

Joe’s cohosts quickly shut him down, saying, “That’s not Joe,” as soon as Ray J indicated she is looking for someone with high moral standards. Despite the lack of endorsement from Joe’s friends, Ray J said he would relay the message to his big sister. However, now it seems that Brandy has shut Budden down the same way he came at her: during a very public interview. Speaking with Power 106, Brandy addressed the recent flirtation by explaining that she could never date someone she considers her brother’s friend. “No, ‘cause my brother’s homies are like my brothers, my friends. So, no.”

Turning the tables, the interviewer then asked the actress if she would be cool with Ray J dating her friends, to which she firmly replied, “No because my brother is married.” Despite Brandy being quick to defend her brother’s union to Princess Love, Ray J filed for divorce this week after four years of marriage. The couple has two children together and has had a relationship often plagued with difficulties. Despite all the drama, Ray J is gearing up to release his new album, Raydiation X, on September 25th. Let’s hope both Ray J and Brandy have positive changes in their love lives very soon.