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Lil Baby’s Baby Mama Calls Him Out After 5-Year-Old Son Drops New Song

Lil Baby is getting called out by his baby mama after their 5-year-old son drops new song.

25-Year-old rapper Lil Baby is one of the hottest artists in the world right now. However, that does not mean that his life is drama free. Much of Baby’s recent drama has come in the form of his first baby mama Ayesha, as she continues to blasts him on the different areas and ways in which she feels he lacks those all too important parenting skills.

Just a couple of months ago, he was accused of not providing sufficient money for the schooling of their son Jason. The tardiness in payment of the school fees apparently led to young Jason being barred from the school he attended. After bashing Baby for buying a Rolex watch for his then 4-year-old son, she said, “Stop hiding behind all this materialistic clout sh*t and step the f__ k up …”

Lil Baby did step up to make it aware that he did not approve of the school and also listed all the other things which he is currently footing the bill for, including tutoring sessions for Jason, a separate $2,500 a month payment, covering Ayesha sister’s rent, and paying cash for the house she and Jason live in. We are unsure if he cleared the outstanding tuition amount, but his baby mama is now calling him out once again, surrounding the events of Jason’s 5th birthday.

Jason was treated to two different parties, one at his mom and another at his dad. However, Ayesha had some choice words for Baby’s lack of support at the party she held, and for her not receiving an invite to the party the rapper and his current lady Jayda Cheaves threw. Jason showed that he was just like his dad when he took the microphone and performed for his classmates, family, and friends at the event held by his mom. While responding to a comment from a follower about the rapper not being present at her event, she said the following:

“All that matters is that my son is happy I don’t care about Petty childish mad ass people and there sucker moves I’m gone always stand behind mine. And there isn’t a man or woman that could change that and that’s the difference. And I plan on instilling the real in my son as long as I breed a real man out this situation I could truly careless about anything else.”

She took to her Instagram Story to share some of the shots from the event but also had a bit to say about the fact the other birthday party was planned and held without her knowledge.

“The most important thing to coparenting is coming together doing what’s best for the child,” went the opening statement of her post. She continued by blasting both Baby and Jayda for what she sees as childish behavior. She wrote, “Never would I ever plan a birthday party for my son without acknowledging and inviting his father and never would I allow a man I date to plan a party for his child without acknowledging and inviting the mother. It’s childish, petty and will affect the child in the long run. Bad enough kids are being raised in single parent homes, the least y’all could do is be adult enough to come together on special occasion but y’all petty and ain’t ready for that level of maturity.”

Lil Baby has not yet responded to Ayesha’s comments.