Ding Dong Drops New Video “Gweh” Showcasing Desha Ravers New Dance Move

Ding Dong drops off a new video “Gweh” showcasing Desha Ravers hot new dance move of the same name.

The Ravers Clavers team has recently issued a new set of steps, flings, and of course, facial expression to get dancehall lovers moving. This latest dance move comes in the form of the Desha Ravers formed Gweh, and as always, the Ravers Clavers leader Ding Dong is dropping some high energy vocals to spread the word. “Gweh,” which was released earlier today, also gets that distinguishing vocal touch from another group member, Bravo Ravers.

“Gweh” is definitely a dancing cut but it also provides some pretty interesting ways to deal with haters. “The new way fi run dem when dem badder we Gweh/Fan dem like a fly because a pest to we, Gweh/A beg yuh do tha dance ya when you see you enemy, Gweh,” Ding Dong deejay.

The correct technique and steps are needed in order to battle your enemies. Therefore Ding Dong drops off a oneliner to guide you on how to do complete the move. He says, “Make yuh shoulder move like a jackhammer.” Still, Ding and Desha know that some fans are visual learners, and therefore, ensured that RD Studio took their sharp choreography and converted it into a colorful, yet high energy representation of the dance. Both Desha and Ding Dong get plenty of facetime in the official music video. Desha Raver, the daughter of dancehall veteran Beenie Man, has seen her career flourish during the coronavirus. She made an appearance next to her dad and rival Bounty Killer on the Jamaican leg of the Verzuz battles, and months later appeared on the virtual Sumfest stage.

You can check out the Romeich Entertainment produced track below.