Tekashi 69 GF Jade’s Baby Daddy Says 69 Offered $100K To Get On Joe Budden’s Podcast

It seems Tekashi 6ix9ine really wants to get on Joe Budden’s podcast.

Tekashi 6ix9ine and his girlfriend Jade have been trolling up a storm since he became free to roam the streets again last month. He’s been the subject of various headlines since, from stealing lyrics to lying about streams, and now the father of Jada’s daughter is claiming the pair was keeping his child away from him. The artist who goes by the name Charlie Cee says Jada called his mother, trying to set up an interview with his cousin, Joe Budden. When their request and 100K was refused, they reacted by withholding access to his child.

Cee took to his IG stories as a last resort to air out his petty ex, promising to take her to court. “NOW YOU IN YA FEELINGS SO WE CAN’T SEE MY DAUGHTER. GUESS WHAT WE SEE YOU IN COURT AND WHO YOU THINK GUNNA WIN?” Cee said. After taking to the gram to express himself, three hours later he uploaded a video of his daughter with him adding an update on the situation. “I REALLY AINT GOT TO EXPLAIN S*** TO NO ONE BUT I GOT MY DAUGHTER 3 HOURS AFTER MY POST SO DON’T LET THAT S*** GO OVER YA HEAD.”

It seems like Cee knew the magic word to use in the situation, as Tekashi 6ix9ine is likely avoiding court at all costs these days. His peers have been taunting the poor performance of his latest album ‘TattleTales’ and his relentless clout chasing since being freed. They’ll surely be trolling him for days after learning of his attempt to land on Joe Budden’s podcast, which is a candid hip-hop staple for all things trending. This revelation is just the latest in a set of sobering pursuits for the ostracized rainbow-haired rapper.

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Last week, Philadelphia podcaster and cultural critic Gillie Da King exposed 6ix9ine’s phone call seeking a spot on his popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast. Gillie replayed a voicemail from the “Gooba” rapper asking for an interview. However, Gillie is close with 6ix9ine’s old manager, Shotti, who got locked up when 6ix9ine snitched. “We rightfully decline over here at Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” said Gillie, adding that he’s “not interviewing a f*****g rat”, as more and more doors keep closing in 6ix9ine’s face.

Tekashi69 must be really trying to sit down with Joe Budden.