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Joe Budden Admitted To Masturbate His Dog And Gets Called Out On Twitter

Joe Budden
Joe Budden

Joe Budden is trending after leaked court documents filed by his former fiancé Cyn Santana reveal that he is in the habit of molesting his dog.

Fans are calling for Joe Budden to be traded from the black community following the Love & Hip-Hop star being caught in quite a disturbing scandal. Apparently, Joe is readily available to ensure his dog’s sexual needs are met. A video that resurfaced online documents, Joe Budden, discussing the idea of masturbating his own dog in the absence of a canine partner to release its sexual tensions. That has got to be some form of molestation.

In the clip, which is an extract from an episode of one of Joe’s podcasts, he says, “anybody with a pet – come on, you did a little something down there that makes the dog feel good.” The statement validates Cyn Santana’s account of one instance noted in her application for custody of her child, where she says Budden lacks boundaries.

According to Cyn, she has witnessed on more than one occasion, Joe Budden “personally masturbating” his own dog, which she says he believes is his responsibility should no other option be available. Cyn says the bizarre habit is indicative of Joe Budden’s “poor judgment, lack of empathy for others, lack of appropriate boundaries, and need for supervision.”

Social media has been blowing up with the disturbing scandal, with fans weighing in heavy on the ordeal. One fan on Twitter wrote, “joe budden admitted to touching dogs parts he belongs to the streets and the animal shelters and jail.” Another noted, “Joe Budden weird af for saying that sh*t about his dog. Even joking, that sh*t is nasty.” It should be noted that the man was not kidding.

As unsettling as the idea is, a lot of controversies surrounding Joe Budden these days have been similarly disappointing and outrageous. One fan pointed out the fact that sadly, the recent allegations against Budden for domestic abuse seemed to fall short on the controversial scale when compared to his bizarre inclination to satisfy his dog sexually.

“Joe budden’s ex has publicly said that he beat her so bad she literally had a miscarriage. his other ex came out last week n said he abused her as well. if it takes him sexually abusing his dog for ni**as to cancel him it’ll show y’all value literal animals above bw,” she wrote.

“Wait a minute, Joe Budden is really out here molesting his dog? And there’s a video? Chile if this don’t cancel him,” another fan suggested. Do you think Joe Budden’s career would sooner be hindered by his history of abuse or his dog ‘lover’ scandal?