Shenseea and Tarrus Riley Let Sparks Fly In PDA Filled “Lighter” Video

Shenseea and Tarrus Riley showcased a lot of PDA in their new video, “Lighter.”

Shenseea and Tarrus Riley just released the scorching track and visuals for “Lighter,” a collaboration they’ve been teasing for a hot minute. Singy Singy and the Shenyeng Queen score on this one with nimble wordplay and cozy scenic clips of their hot on-screen chemistry. Produced by Rvssian, the track is a mellow, mid-tempo account of a fiery romance, with Tarrus laying down flirty lyrics for his lady and Shenseea demonstrating her dreamy vocal prowess on the song’s catchy hook. “Baby when the bright lights start to fade, fire up your lighter/ Float on with the waves, You make me feel li-li-lighter, You make me feel li-li-lighter/ You make me feel…”

Directed by Xtreme Arts, the visuals are a two and a half minute trip featuring artful concepts, close-ups, and the mesmerizing Jamaican landscape. The crooners swap melodic flows as they sum up their feelings, matching pleasantries, and even outfits, on the sensual track. Riley sparks the flame with, “Weh yuh ah do, weh yuh ah do, tell me Shenseea/ Like yuh wah mi head fi spin roun’ like a d*** car tire/ Endless loving an it cyah expire/ Ah who seh Jah Jah never answer prayer.”

Shenseea’s sizzling response was, “Yuh know seh yuh have di loving fi me body when yuh hold me/ And if yuh call me wi come/ Baby mi nah let you go, Love is like a seed an yuh reap what yuh sow.”

The duet we didn’t know we needed was well worth the wait and is the perfect end of a summer anthem. From the classic MG ride and red fedora fit to super-lit backdrops spitting fire like the talented duo, the buzz on this joint track isn’t likely to fizzle anytime soon. Clocking 30K views in an hour is no easy feat either, but so far, the only complaints in the comments are that the red-hot banger isn’t longer. Watch out for this one on trending and check out the new video below.