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Joe Budden Blast Ex Tahiry After She Accused Him Of Abusing Her, Calls Her Toxic

Joe Budden went berserk on his ex-girlfriend Tahiry over accusations of past abuse.

For someone about to lose his talk show, Joe Budden is certainly a hot topic these days. The podcast maven has an advantage over many where his clap backs can be broadcast from his own branded outlet as we saw with his “we are not the same” response to Charlamagne Tha God. Now, on the heels of accusations of abuse from his ex-girlfriend Tahiry Jose, Budden aired her out on an episode of The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory & Mal. “This young lady is a cancerous toxic liar. You used to beat my a**,” he told his vast listenership, spilling all the relationship tea.

Joe and Jose were a fan favorite on Love & Hip Hop: New York years ago, but things took a final downturn when she tearfully refused his televised marriage proposal. Prior to that, however, their fiery union was no secret, and this week the Dominican vixen got candid about the physical abuse she suffered at Joe’s hands. “I’ve been beaten before,” she said. “That relationship left me with a fractured rib and a broken nose. He hit me on the nose and pushed me down a flight of stairs.”

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She added that she once was “woken up by him dragging me by my ankle,” but Budden, who incidentally was struggling with addiction at that time, had a different version of events. In addition to calling her behavior “nasty and disgusting,” Joe said her nose was actually broken by another man, after which Tahiry called him for help. “I chose to remain quiet about certain things just so you could continue with a certain narrative, those days are over now,” Joe began. “I’m uncertain why she is lying this way, I’m not certain if she is misspeaking, if she has a false recollection of things. I’m not sure what it is but she said some things that did not sit right with my soul.”

“Young lady, WE were toxic, we’re talking about 25 year old Joe, 25 year old you. We were toxic to each other. You threw s***, you hit me, you kicked me, you did a whole bunch of s*** not normal for a man to speak out about, but that was a really really toxic situation. Ask yourself how many times you’ve put hands on me, how many times you’ve pulled knives on me, how many times you’ve threatened me. At 25 I didn’t know that that was toxic, I though we was just beefing, like it was normal then. But in hindsight now, we was sick, we were sick. WE were sick,” said Joe.

“Joe Budden does not support domestic abuse at all. I also do not support the demonization of black men. We were toxic, you included, we separated, I sought help. I went through intense therapy to address whatever was revealed when you and I were together,” Joe concluded. With this new storyline, it’s difficult to say who’s telling the truth, although this could just be a matter of perspective between two young lovers. Jose said in her reveal, “I let go and let God, so I’ve forgiven everything he did so it’s whatever to me” plus, Joe said he’s since received therapy, so maybe there’s a chance at future reconciliation.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ #PressPlay: Recently #TahiryJose did an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, and during their discussion, Tahiry talked about allegedly suffering from abuse at the hands of her ex #JoeBudden during their relationship. On the latest episode of Joe’s podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast,” he addressed those claims and said that Tahiry was the one that was abusive towards him. _____________________________________ He said, “This young lady is a liar, a cancerous toxic lair. I’m uncertain why she’s lying this way, I’m not certain if she’s misspeaking. If she has a false recollection of things. I’m not sure what it is, but she said some things that did not sit right with my soul.” Joe continued to point out that they were in their early 20’s when they dated. _____________________________________ “We were toxic to each other, and I’m glad that the climate has changed and we’re able to have some conversations today that we couldn’t have back then. Today I am very comfortable saying, you were abusive. You used to beat my a**, you threw—read more at TheShadeRoom.com (?: @spotify/ @hollywoodunlocked)—(?: @gettyimages)

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