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50 Cent Wishes He Was Like Kendrick Lamar, Wants To Erase G-Unit From His Mind

50 Cent

50 Cent says he wishes he cold be more like Kendrick Kamar and seems desperate to forget about G-Unit.

The multi-hyphenated artist started his career as a member of the G-Unit, which he founded with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks. The East Coast trio added members to their ranks and released three studio albums and an EP over 15 years but experienced many internal feuds as well. Tensions first began to rise between 50 Cent and The Game around 2005 after the “Candy Shop” rapper claimed that he had not received sufficient writing credits on Game’s album, The Documentary, leading to the former kicking the latter out of the gang.

Young Buck’s excessive spending habits resulted in him being removed by 50 Cent a few years later. Buck alleges that the 45-year-old has blocked his career, and the dissolution of the Power executive’s relationship with Yayo is what caused the G-Unit to be dismantled completely before briefly reuniting in 2014 to drop a few more tracks.

Bad blood also remains between 50 Cent and Lloyd Banks, who claims that the Grammy Award winner was unsympathetic when his father died, so it is hardly surprising that Fifty wants nothing to do with the Guerrilla Unit. “I’d like to forget the G-Unit,” he said when asked by DJ Whoo Kid whether a film or television series about the group could be on the cards in the future. “Kendrick [Lamar] doesn’t even let those [TDE] boys come on stage with him. I could have did that! What the f*** I’m bringing thirty n****s on the stage for? I could have did it like Kendrick.”

It sounds like Fifty is quite pleased to leave the past where it is.