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Mariah Carey Breaks Silence On Rumors Eminem Stressed About Her Autobiography

Mariah Carey has a new autobiography coming out, but not everyone is excited including Eminem.

Mimi has lived a rich and interesting life from her humble beginnings in Huntington, New York, to worldwide domination thanks to her five-octave vocal range. The “Emotions” singer has sold more than 200 million records, prompting Billboard to name her the top female artist in the US of all time, and has a plethora of awards to her name. Mariah Carey has also had some highly-publicized romances along the road, including her first marriage to the head of Sony Music, Tony Mottola, and her second to Nick Cannon, which spurned two children, but one can’t forget about her alleged entanglement with Eminem.

The “did they or didn’t they” nature of Mariah and Eminem’s relationship has led to many rumors as both sides of having released music alluding to the affair — or at least what the other party imagined had gone down. The “Lose Yourself” rapper claims that he and Mimi dated for six months back in 2011, something which she has always denied.

It resulted in Eminem dropping her name in several of his tracks, insinuating how they had had something going on, and Mariah Carey even dropping a song called “Obsessed,” which featured a Slim Shady-like stalker in the music video. Now with the release of her autobiography, Em is reportedly worried about what will be said about him, including his bedroom skills.

But it seems that the rapper should tone down his fears as Mariah doesn’t view him as that integral to her story. “If somebody or something didn’t pertain to the actual meaning of Mariah Carey, as is the title, then they aren’t in the book,” she told New York Mag when asked about their fling.

We guess she disagrees with Slim’s lyric, “It feels so empty without me.”