Dancehall Veteran Alozade Suffered Stroke

Dancehall veteran Alozade has suffered a stroke, but thankfully he is alive.

Alozade, born Michael Sterling, revealed that he had to seek medical attention for a stroke that happened early in the morning recently. The deejay told Loop that he first noticed that something was wrong when he woke up in the early morning at his St. Andrew home to use the bathroom and found himself unable to stand firmly and had slurred speech. He noted that he went back to bed, and when he woke up in the morning, his sister quickly noticed that something was wrong with his face.

Alozade revealed that he was taken to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) where he had to wait an additional 8 hours to be seen. “It took about six to eight hours before anyone could see me because they are overwhelmed by the coronavirus, and I did a CT scan and they found bleeding on the brain,” the dancehall artiste said.

In the end, Alozade, 44, was diagnosed with ‘haemorrhagic stroke’ and has since been doing well on his road to recovery. He slurred speech is going away, and doctors commend him on how fast his recovery is progressing. This is good news for the deejay’s fan base in light of we losing so much well-known figures in 2020.

Alozade music was a staple in dancehall in the mid to late 1990s. He saw huge success with singles like “Badman Nuh Watch Gyal,” “Dads Of All Time,” and “Bad Out Deh” with Kiprich and Chico. Zade also has a new single out now called “Hoola.”