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Rihanna Roasts ASAP Rocky For Early Fashion In Hilarious Interview

Rihanna got a chance to roast A$AP Rocky for his early fashion choices as they interviewed each other.

Fenty Skin launched less than a month ago but already boasted a formidable following like its sibling brand, Fenty Beauty. Adding her longtime collaborator A$AP Rocky as an ambassador for the skincare line, Rihanna has made breaking down barriers and shaking up the industry all the more exciting. Fans got the chance to witness some of those antics as the ‘fashion killas’ got fun and flirty on their promotional “Face to Face” Q&A. Their playful energy was on full display while delving into everything from favorite TV shows to throwback fashion faux pas.

Rocky and Riri are used to romance rumors by now, but it would be no surprise if they ended up on trending for the rest of the week. The internet was here for the candid and charismatic Vogue/ GQ exchange, where each grilled the other on grooming and well being. The pair went through a wide range of topics, from his skin type (“handsome” Rocky replied, earning an eye-roll from Rihanna) to favorite TV show to binge watch (Real Housewives of…anywhere for her, vintage cartoons for him), to how he stays mentally and inspirationally aligned (“Staying in a good mental space to even allow yourself to be inspired.)

Other highlights included a hilarious moment when A$AP asked, “Jacket or Umbrella?” The stylish songstress knew she was caught in a tizzy and that her vigilant Navy would be hounding her regardless. “This is a tricky question because my fans might feel like I’m a hypocrite. I’ve made the most money off of a song called “Umbrella,” she said, laughing hysterically along with Rocky. She eventually answered jacket, hurrying to the next question.

The follow up had more solemn sentiments, as Rihanna named her mother when asked about her #1 beauty icon. “This is gonna sound very redundant and very cliche but my mother. My entire concept of beauty came from her. I was always so intrigued by her. She was a sales clerk for beauty products, perfumes and make-up. It’s so weird that it’s come full circle that all of these ventures are things that I’ve extended my creativity to and has been a part of my brand overall. I learned from the best,” she said.

The two-part chit-chat was as real as it was amusing, and A$AP Rocky ended his dialogue with sincerity and gratitude towards the Bajan icon. “I wanna say thank you for supporting me at a time when I just came home from jail. Thank you for identifying my beauty as a man, I appreciate you like for real though, thanks for the opportunity,” he said.

Check out their comedic convo below: