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J. Cole Roasts Bas’ Epic Dirt Bike Fail Invoking Lil Uzi Vert & Meek Mill

J. Cole didn’t spare his homie Bas after an epic dirt bike fail.

Let’s say we ran a poll on ways in which you would react if your friend was to crash a motorcycle. Go ahead and share just what your first comment would be upon seeing a video of the incident. Before you do so, I guess it’s only fair to include some other variables to paint a complete picture. Your friend will be riding a trike, he will be crashing into a pole supporting a patio cover at their home, and he won’t get hurt in the process. He will instead gracefully ejects himself from the machine, before spending a bit of time to address the damages. While you figure out just how you would react, you can check out just how J. Cole, one of the industry’s most mysterious rappers, responded to such an incident.

California rapper Bas was conducting a live stream via Twitch just last evening when he accidentally crashed his trike. He uploaded the funny clip to his Instagram account and captioned it as follows: “Went on twitch last night to share new music and new failures. Can we talk about my agility on that landing tho? It must be the Dreamers. Thanks @realcoleworld.” The tag and hilarity of the video proved just enough to get a response from J. Cole and let us just say that it left him in tears.

According to the “Middle Child” rapper, Bas was still in his infantry as it relates to his motorcycle skills. While he did not explicitly say it, he may have indirectly recommended that Bas takes a couple of lessons from the likes of Lil Uzi Very or Meek Mill, two of hip hop’s best motorcyclists.

“dawgggggg. Chilllll. Meek mill and uzi gone be disgusted when they see this,” Cole wrote with a ton of laughing emojis. “That landing graceful tho,” Cole added.

Bas replied to J. Cole, letting him know that some of the love he received on the road earlier may have actually made him believe he was much better than he actually is. He wrote, “I know bro. All the bikers on road were showing me mad love too had me gassed, I thought I was gang.”

I guess admitting that you are not an expert at something is the first step in improving on that craft. Ride on Bas.

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