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Kodak Black Copped New Trucks for His Dad and His Lawyer

Kodak Black

Kodak Black copped two heavy duty trucks that he gifted to his father and his lawyer.

It may have been two months since we celebrated Father’s Day, but in the insane year that is 2020, does timing really matter? Kodak Black obviously didn’t think so when he decided to gift his father and his lawyer belated Father’s Day gifts to thank them for the roles they have played in his life. Taking to Instagram from inside a federal prison in Kentucky, Black posted several images of his father receiving a brand new truck.

“#Jumped Up Out The Womb Like My Daddy The Devil My Granddaddy On Yo Side Had 27 Kids He Died In The Middle Of His #Testimony,” Kodak wrote in the caption. The post went on to explain how Black has not seen his father in some time but remains grateful for the life he was given as well as the relationship he has maintained with his dad.

A second post shouted out Black’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, who was also surprised with a new truck. Kodak Black wrote a heartfelt caption for his lawyer, who he says has played a fatherly role in his life, saying, “Calling You My Lawyer Would B Disrespectful. God Put You In My Life & You’ve Been A Father Figure To Me. Happy Belated Fathers Day and Happy Belated Birthday Pops, I Love You.” After receiving his gift in the attached video, Cohen said, “He’s always doing things that he doesn’t have to do for me, and I’m always doing things for him that I don’t have to do for him. But he’s a great guy, he’s the greatest. And I appreciate it, he’s a good man.”

Cohen has been leading the effort to ensure Kodak’s safety while behind bars since his arrest. When Kodak Black’s family expressed concern that the Pompano Beach rapper was being harmed due to being unnecessarily held in a maximum security prison, he was quickly moved from Miami to Kentucky, but it is not clear if he is any better off at his new location. Cohen has been diligently pursuing lowering the category of Kodak’s criminal history, which dictates prison placement, and Kodak Black clearly appreciates his effort.

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#Jumped Up Out The Womb Like My Daddy The Devil My Granddaddy On Yo Side Had 27 Kids He Died In The Middle Of His #Testimony I Love Him, They Said I Was Gone Be A #HeartBreakKid like Granddad. I Ain’t Seen You Since Grandma Died Tho I Was Young, When I Was 17 D.C.F. was About To Grab Me Kuz I Was Released From The Juvie But Ma Was In Haiti ?? So I Ain’t Have No Guardian To Pick Me Up. I Had My Cousin On Yo Side “Maniac” Get In Contact Wit You To Come Get Me But When You Came They Jammed It Kuz Yo Name Was Never In My Files. It Took A Few More Days For You To Go To Social Probation Office To Prove You My Ol Boy But I Appreciate The Fact You Came Running To Get Me. After You Got Verified & You Dropped Me Off On The Ugly Corner My Niggaz Dem Ain’t Even Know Who You Was. That’s Krazy But Fuck That I Accepted The Fact You My Ol Boy & I Appreciate You Not Flushing Me Down The Toilet Or Wasting Me On The Bed Somewhere. Imma Have Maniac Get This To You! How Imma Run Up M’s Out Here & Not Give You A Lil Taste? #StarOfDavid ?? #Haiti ?? #Israel ?? @chevrolet #Z71 ?? #PaidOff #NoPayments

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