Dancehall Artiste Prohgres Detained By Police After Dropping New Song “What’s Life?”

Dancehall artiste Prohgres was reportedly detained by police following the release of his new single, “What’s Life?”

It appears that socially conscious singjay Prohgres has landed himself on the wrong side of the law. On Thursday, a short clip of the dancehall deejay being detained by a team of police officers makes its way around social media. The video captured by a passerby ends before we are able to see if the artiste and another person accompanying him are indeed placed in a service vehicle. At least one social media user is of the belief that the artiste is innocent, and it is the individual whom he is held in the company of who should be apprehended.

“He didn’t do anything and the boy in the white shirt had a gun and he didn’t know the youth had it,” came one comment. There has not been any confirmation from the entertainer’s team on why he was detainment, which led others to believe that the video is possibly being used for promotional use or a music video. “This gives me staged video vibe,” one fan wrote.

If the rumors of an arrest do prove to be true, it would be a sad yet ironic moment for the rising dancehall artiste. Prohgres recently released his new song and video for “What’s Life?” The release has been getting some positive feedback from fans, leading to over 35,000 views on Youtube. While speaking to the Observer, he opened up about his inspiration for writing the song.

“I wrote ‘What’s Life?’ based upon my personal experiences with people pretending to be friends but deep down realizing later they are envious of you and want to see you fail,” Prohgres said. “The times we are living in now people are so perilous and evil so I am just trying my best to send out this important message so people can look into their lives and be more careful of who and what they focus their energies on, because not everyone that comes around should be around.”

The song was released by Teemaine Records/Headake Records and followed the usual melodic and positive vibes the singer is known for.

Other noteworthy songs from Prohgres include his hit single “Memory Lane,” “Break The Chains,” “Vision,” featuring Chronic Law, “Blue Tick,” and “Break the Chains.”