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Rising Indianapolis Rapper Smack Peso aka Danny Jay Shot Dead After Releasing New Song

Rising Indianapolis rapper Smack Peso, aka Danny Jay, was shot dead this weekend.

Indianapolis is currently mourning the death of one of their most promising young talents. According to reports, Smack Peso was shot and killed some time around 2 PM on August 7. Strangely, the rapper’s assassination happened after releasing a song titled “See Me Get Killed,” which was taken from is album F*k Everything.

The rapper, who was only 20-years-old, was allegedly occupying an apartment in the Indianapolis’ South Side with other occupants when the hit happened. Following the attack, two of the men were also at the premises were said to be in critical condition. Law enforcement quickly rushed to the scene, and during their pursuit, they were able to apprehend a car that was leaving the apartment complex. It was discovered that one of the occupants in the car was also wounded in the attack; the injured person was subsequently rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Shockingly, there was also a child in the apartment where the shooting occurred. Luckily the little one was not harmed during the deadly shooting. The police are currently investigating the incident and are asking for witnesses of the attack to come forward.

Smack Peso was one of the more promising Indy talents emerging out of Indianapolis and was possibly steering down the path of a record deal. He is best known for songs such as “Cookies In The Rain,” “If I Get High,” and “Mexican Money.”