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FBG Duck’s friend says that shooters were paid 1 Million to carry out hit

It has been roughly three days since the brazen daytime shooting of Chicago rapper FBG Duck, and it seems information about the attack is slowly coming out, at least for those close to him.

The shooting which took place near the upscale Gold Coast shopping area of the city was carried out by four men who highlighted from a car around 4:30 and peppered the rapper with bullets. The shameless execution-style hit was allegedly a paid job, at least according to a friend of Duck. The companion who goes by Byron OneTrey Williams took to social media claiming that there was a big money price tag on the rapper’s head.

“Just Find out Them N__gaz Had a 1[Million] On Your Head. They Couldnt Take You But N__gaz Time Coming Two, I Love You,” wrote Williams. Police have yet to determine a motive or a suspect in the deadly killing of Duck, whose real name is Carlton Weekly.

It is believed that Duck may have ruffled his enemies in recent times with the release of one of his latest songs titled, “Dead B**ches.” Throughout the track, Duck takes time to mock and taunt his dead rivals. He goes the extra mile by naming dropping the likes of T-Roy, Odee, Lil Boo, Sheroid, Lil Steve, and D-Thang.

Social media users and members of the city’s violent Chiraq areas have been using both the hefty price tag put on his life and with the names mentioned in “Dead B__thces” to try and piece together a case.

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“Everybody knows that Nd ion think it was a mil maybe 500k, 250k from Durk Nd 250k from von,” mentioned one social media user. Another mentioned, “really these n***as already snitched on themselves. Like a hour after it happened memo was on live for like a hour saying “we won” and playing duck dis songs over and over and speaking on it. ”

It now seems clear that FBG Duck was not the most liked individual in Chi-town, and the Chicago PD could have a few trees to bark up in order to nab the shooters and perhaps the person(s) behind the alleged hit.