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Drake Verzuz Kanye West Battle Floated By Swizz Beatz On Twitter

Drake and Kanye West
Drake, Kanye West

Verzuz co-founder Swizz Beatz wants rappers Drake ad Kanye West to star in the next battle.

Swizz Beatz wasted no time moving on to the next Verzuz battle as soon as one is done. Right after 2 Chainz faced off with Rick Ross in a riveting showdown on Thursday (August 7), Swizz took to Twitter to consult with his fellow Verzuz co-founder Timbaland on the next match up. To the surprise of many fans, Swizz wants to pair frenemies Drake and Kanye West together for an upcoming episode.

Usually, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland will allude to a pairing that’s seemingly up in the air to get fans excited, meanwhile, they have already confirmed it with the artists. However, the chances of that being the case this time around are zero to none. Drake and Kanye are currently at odds after Ye reignited their feud recently when he alluded to his wife cheating on him with the Canadian rapper.

“Ayo Tim Drake VS YE #verzuz,” Beatz wrote with a series of eyeball emojis. The tweet garnered a number of likes, retweets and responses including one fan who wrote, “Dont force it man they don’t deal with eachother brotha let the chips fall where they may if they ever fall.”

Nevertheless, Swizz Beatz wants what he wants, and he is looking to Timbo to co-sign. There are no doubt fans would show up for this one, and it would hands down become the biggest battle yet, likely attracting a multi-continental and multi-million audience. As a matter of fact, it would probably cause the show to peak, and any subsequent battle would fall short of the hype.

Both Drake and Kanye West boast lofty discographies spanning more than a decade, and their perennial hits are staples in hip-hop music rotation. These rappers would be formidable opponents as they are a force to be reckoned within the industry. Based on fan responses on Twitter, many viewers would rather see Drake go up against his Young Money counterparts Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj. Perhaps Swizz Beatz and Timbaland should consider a “battle of the sexes” as one fan proposed.

Do you think Drake and Kanye would ever agree to a duel on Verzuz?