Jahmiel & Bugle Warns Against Fake Friends In “Signs Of The Time” Visual

Be careful of fake friends, warns Jahmiel and Bugle in this powerful new collab, “Signs Of The Time.”

Jahmiel and Bugle are two of the industry’s biggest names when it comes to melodically conscious cuts. With Bugle getting his big break in the early 2000s and Jahmiel getting his in the early 2010s, it quickly became a lovely fusion of 2 decades of positivity on their new track “Signs Of The Time.”

The accompanying music video tosses up the issue at hand from the opening scene. We saw one female friend deceiving her best friend to gain the love and attention of her man and eventually full control of the relationship. Following the scene, Jahmiel comes through with some words of wisdom, advising listeners to be cautious of the friendship they keep since not all are forged in truth or positivity.

“But how you fi help dem out and them same people de want you fall?” questions Jahmiel after letting it known that he will continue to do good no matter what negativity comes his way. Bugle comes through a similar message to What Jahmiel offloaded in the first verse, however, takes it a bit further to showcase the inequality he sees. “Not even prayer dem no gi weh jah no set cause a you them nah go pray fa/ imagine you have friends but with yuh enemy yuh safer,” sings Bugle.

The smooth delivery from both artistes makes the message easily digestible. The positive energy flowing from the shots of both men vibing in Bugle’s ‘An9ted’ studio further develops the lesson being administered.

Go ahead and stream “Signs Of The Time” below.