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T.I. Hilariously Reacts To Becoming A Grandfather, Zonnique Pullins Announces Pregnancy

T.I. had the most hilarious reaction when he learned that he is going to be a grandfather.

Granddaddy Tip is flabbergasted as his stepdaughter and eldest child Zonnique Pullins announces her pregnancy and the gender of her baby. T.I. is shocked to hear that he is going to be a granddad. The Atlanta rapper found out the news on Fox Soul’s The Mix, which is his stepdaughter Zonnique’s new live talk show. Romeo Miller was the first to spill the beans on the premiere episode much to the visible surprise of T.I.

“I wanna congratulate you on being a grandfather,” Romeo said during the video session. The rapper’s face contorted into a disturbed look as he uttered, “Woah woah,” causing Zonnique to clarify that she is, in fact, with child.

Later in the show, she also revealed that she is expecting a baby girl. Her stepdad, however, remained mildly disconcerted as the discussion went on. “Is anybody bringing my joint?!” the rapper yelled off to the side of the camera, causing his wife to reprimand the outburst with a smack on his arm.

T.I. clearly did not get the heads up that his stepdaughter was expecting before the show. He found out after everyone else, including the other hosts and of course, his wife and Zonnique’s mother, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who later joined him. Zonnique shared that she and her mom had been in contact discussing plans to go baby shopping while T.I. has been oblivious. The rapper said Zonnique was the last of his kids that he would have expected this news from. However, the TV show co-host and her rapper beau Bandhunta Izzy have been going strong for two years.

Zonnique told People Magazine that she was “sad” when she first found out about the pregnancy because she wasn’t expecting to be a mother so soon. Now that she is 5 months along, she says, “It’s something that will mature me and change in a great way.” Meanwhile her famous stepdad looks like he’s about to pop a vein as he watches her announce it to the world live on TV. It’s hard to tell how he truly feels as his expressions indicated that he’s still processing.

Can you see T.I. with his granddaughter in a few months?

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