Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid & Munga Honorable Team Up On “5Gs”: Listen It

Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Kabaka Pyramid, and Munga Honorable team up on “5Gs” watch the video below.

Five of Selassie’s sons stepped out warrior style with a message for humanity on the new Runkus collaboration “5G’s”. Lobbying listeners to open their eyes while keeping their ears peeled to the track, Runkus, Jesse Royal, Royal Blu, Jesse Royal and Munga Honorable dropped thought provoking bars on the state of the world caught in the clutches of a pandemic. While touching on the conspiracy theory that 5G technology caused Covid-19, the five soldiers zero in with 20/20 vision on the obvious sources of oppression that still prevail: governments, miseducation, ignorance and global inequality.

Rastafarian ideology has long identified institutions of injustice the world over, and while it’s not a new phenomenon, biological warfare claims have surged since Corona virus emerged. With an artillery of bars, each messenger gives his own account of our current dilemma while reminding us that other deadly entities are still at work. Runkus is first off, warning “depend on your medz, don’t depend on di meds” followed by Jesse Royal’s “well clinical” critique of dark political forces.

Royal Blu bats next, citing the “scientists, 5G and vaccines” that many have taken issue with recently, pointing out that regardless, “di rich ah go rich and den di poor ah guh feel”. Kabaka Pyramid walks out fearlessly against 5G “with the power of the Trinity residin’ inside”, while the self proclaimed ‘gangsta ras’ Munga Honourable maintains “in the midst of this pollution there is one solution/ the only resolution is a revolution.”

Switching between drone shots of the dense city and the ‘5 G’s on rooftops above the madness or in far removed settings, the Mykal Cushnie directed visuals are a fitting and valid illustration. Written and composed by all 5 Generals, it’s content to keep you on your toes while you’re parked at home in quarantine.