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Sheck Wes & India Love Airs Each Other Out On IG After Bitter Breakup

India Love

Sheck Wes and India Love are going through a bitter break-up.

The couple was first spotted together at last year’s Coachella weekend where Sheck performed, but the romance is now firmly over, and it seems there is no love lost between them. While it is not known when exactly the pair broke up or what caused their split, fans shouldn’t expect a reconciliation anytime soon based on the post which India Love added to her Insta Story.

“It’s tough being a n****’s first bad b**ch,” she wrote. Although no names were mentioned, followers could easily work out that the cryptic message was probably directed at the “Mo Bamba” rapper. He, too, caught on and chose to respond to his ex with some choice words of his own. “Big difference between a bad b*tch and burger/slide,” he said. “All I’m saying is your behavior can take you from bad b*tch baddest etc, to slide of the century so be careful ladies and gents, trust ME your reputation is everything, and remember and accept your behavior.” Ouch.

Fans may be happy that Sheck Wes and India Love have gone their separate ways, however. At the beginning of their relationship, many were concerned, seeing as Sheck had previously been accused of domestic abuse and stalking by his former partner, Justine Skye. The allegations resulted in the 21-year-old being dropped from an advertising campaign by Major League Soccer and Justine taking out a restraining order against him. When social media found out that he had begun seeing India, users expressed concern for the socialite, questioning why she would want to be with an abuser and hoping that she does not suffer the same fate.

Although Sheck was never subjected to domestic battery charges, he was arrested in May this year on drug and gun charges while in New York.