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Big Boi Is Fulfilling His Unlikely Dream Collaboration, Outkast Fans Will Be Surprised

Big Boi is finally getting to fullfill an unlikely dream collab that you can call outside the bounds of Outkast.

Despite being one of the pioneers of Southern hip hop, Big Boi is proud of his diverse taste in music. The Outkast member has mentioned his fanhood of English singer Kate Bush several times in the past, even gushing over her artistry in a 2018 HipHopDX interview. “I love the creativity and the writing and the layers of music in the production,” he explained. “And her voice, man. Her voice is so enchanting. There’s a lot of feeling in her music. I listen to it all.” Now it looks like the Speakerboxxx rapper may have already fulfilled his dream of collaborating with the 61-year-old Bush after establishing a friendship with the British chart-topper.

In a discussion with Yahoo! Entertainment, Big Boi shared that he had sat down to dinner with Kate three years after their first introduction at her Before The Dawn show. “Just me and her had a sit-down for like a couple hours and just talked about our kids,” he recalled. “And she introduced me to Armagnac, I don’t know, just this almond cognac or something. But we threw some back and we had a good old time, man.” When questioned about a possible feature from Bush on his upcoming album, The Big Sleepover, Big Boi cheerfully avoided an official announcement, hinting, “Stay tuned, stay tuned. Just stay tuned…I can’t even talk about it right now!”

Further elaborating on his large scope of musical preferences, Big Boi said, “So I grew up listening to Bob Marley too, and my top two artists of all time is 1A and 1B, Bob Marley and Kate Bush. And then No. 2 would be N.W.A.” Big Boi offered no official release date for The Big Sleepover, explaining that he and his team are waiting for the coronavirus pandemic to cool off so that they can begin traveling and performing singles before dropping the full project. A new Big Boi album is certainly something to look forward to in these difficult times.