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Nicki Minaj Barbz Drags Her Husband Kenneth Petty After Pregnancy Revelation

Nicki Minaj fans have turned their attention to her husband, Kenneth Petty, following her pregnancy revelation.

While there are many perks that come with being a superstar celebrity, there are also some serious downsides, the most notable of which might be that literally nothing in your life is considered too sacred for the world to tear to pieces. In Nicki Minaj’s case, she was faced with major criticism after marrying Kenneth Petty, a man with a criminal history and questionable character. After dealing with the backlash for some time, Nicki pulled back from social media to let her marriage exist mostly behind closed doors. However, now that the rapper has announced she is expecting a child with Petty, people are pulling out all the receipts once again.

Although Kenneth is not a star in his own right and first connected with Nicki before she was famous, it didn’t take long for internet sleuths to pull up Petty’s criminal history and make it accessible to the world. Kenneth is considered a level 2 sex offender due to rape charges he faced in 1994, and also served time behind bars for his involvement in an unrelated manslaughter case. Once the information surfaced, Nicki vehemently defended her husband, saying that he was wrongly accused and claiming that the victim in the rape case later tried to recant her statement but decided not to after being threatened with jail time. Petty was fifteen years old at the time of the arrest.

While talk of Petty’s past may have quieted temporarily, news of Nicki Minaj and Kenneth’s baby has stirred up all the chatter on social media. Comments range from jokes about Kenneth’s inability to pick up his kids from school due to his sex offender status to true sympathy for Nicki and her child. Still, others criticize Nicki for choosing this person as her life partner, to begin with. Clearly, Nicki knows who she married, and she is choosing to stand by her man’s word rather than be pressured by public opinion.