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Kanye West Friends & Kardashians Angry & Deeply Concerned After His Campaign Rally

Kanye West Kim Kardashian

Kanye West’s politics appear to be causing a family rift in the Kardashian clan.

Kanye West is embarking on a new venture as he attempts to become the 46th President of the United States. As anyone running for office will know, campaigns can be very difficult on the candidate’s family, and it seems Ye’s situation is no different. The “Closed On Sundays” rapper is part of the Kardashian family who literally made a name for themselves by exposing aspects of their personal lives on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. The reality show has covered the family’s fights, births, and everyday moments for the past 13 years. But, it appears, that Kanye’s reveal during his inaugural campaign rally was too much — even for the Kardashians.

While speaking to a crowd in South Carolina, Kanye West backed up his party’s anti-abortion stance by disclosing that he and Kim had considered aborting their daughter, North. Revealing that Kim had pregnancy terminating pills in her hand, Ye says he received a message from above in which God warned against disrupting the vision He had planned for Kanye. At one point, the father of four got emotional and began to repeat, “I almost killed my daughter!”

The incident unnerved members of the Kardashian family, according to TMZ, who claims that Kanye’s relatives were upset that he had divulged such personal information, as well as his comment that Kim may divorce him for speaking about it. Sources told the outlet that they believe that the 43-year-old, who has received treatment for mental illness in the path, is undergoing a bipolar episode, but refuses to acknowledge this and seek help. Fears have also arisen that Ye’s outrageous remarks (like claiming that Harriet Tubman had not actually freed slaves) could result in boycotts against his companies, and are concerned that he is simply becoming a distraction in what is a crucial election.

The distraction belief is one that 50 Cent previously verbalised in his interview with Billboard, and the “Candy Shop” rapper has now mocked Kanye West on Instagram by stating that his Harriet Tubman comments are Jay-Z’s fault.