Hip Hop

Florida Politician Ether Big Sean and Beyoncé In Wild Tweets

A Florida politician is catching some heat for disrespecting Beyonce, Big Sean, and other black musicians.

In the social media era, all someone needs do to increase their following is to say some inflammatory things online. It seems some politicians are following in the footsteps of our POTUS by Tweeting bizarre and controversial opinions simply to make headlines. Florida congressional hopeful KW Miller embarked on a long and strange Twitter rant last weekend which included wild conspiracy theories claiming Beyoncé is a non-Black Italian woman going undercover to work for billionaire investor George Soros. After the statements went viral, Miller admitted that the tirade was mostly to attract attention, saying, “We knew all of the trolls and bad actors would jump, and they would go crazy.”

Now, Miller has taken to acting as the hip hop critic nobody asked for, calling out artists on Twitter that he considers unworthy of success. He first referred to the president of G.O.O.D. music, rapper Push T, as a “crack cocaine dealer who comes up with nursery rhymes and puts them to music.”

He then went on to take aim at Big Sean, writing, “Btw, Pusha T arguably had the second best verse on ‘Mercy’ and that is not a testament to him—it’s just a testament to how pitiful Big Sean is as an emcee.” Miller continued his roast, saying, “Kanye must have been doing charity by allowing Sean a contract. Detroit doesn’t claim him. Arguably a female Dej Loaf, but at least Dej has melody.”

Miller’s tweets are confusing for many reasons, perhaps mostly because he doesn’t seem to fit the bill of an avid hip hop consumer. He is running for congressional representative as a deeply conservative independent candidate and continues to accuse every celebrity he disses of being a member of the so-called Deep State, include the legendary Patti LaBelle.

The conspiracy theories surrounding this term are reminiscent of The Illuminati and suggest that a group of wealthy and powerful people are secretly controlling the government. While some version of this might be true, it seems more likely in Miller’s case that he is simply trying to gain attention and re-Tweets as he approaches election day.