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Cardi B Distance Self From Quality Control Amid Migos Lawsuit, “I Don’t Have A Manager”

Cardi B is distancing herself from Quality Control amid new lawsuit from Migos.

The last couple of hours have seen Cardi B dominating trending spots on Twitter due to her candid discussions surrounding her reason for not dropping her much-anticipated follow-up sophomore album, along with its effect on her bankroll. During the back and forth with her twitter fans, she also made a huge revelation that she does not have a full-fledged manager at the moment.

While answering a question about who her management, she mentioned that Jeffrey Kern takes care of her business. “I don’t have no managers. NONE AT ALL! My lawyer handle my business,” she tweeted.

This quickly rattled a few of Cardi’s more business-minded fans, who recalled that she was signed to the Quality Control brand in 2018. This is the same company that manages Migos, which her husband is a member of. The group recently filed a lawsuit against their longtime lawyer, Damien Granderson, who also represents Quality Control. Court documents accused Granderson of malpractice for lowballing the Migos group, especially when it came to deals with QC. Naturally, this did not sit well with QC’s co-founder, who provided a lengthy statement backing his company’s integrity and denouncing any form of bad business.

Questions filing in under Cardi’s revelation wanted to confirm if the lawsuit with the “Narcos” boys was her reason for the comment. However, Cardi revealed that there was no official deal/contract with the Quality Control team, to begin with. In a now-deleted reply to fans who shared links of articles written about a deal with the Atlanta based company, she said, “I was never sign wit QC. There’s no paperwork with me sign with QC. There’s no agreement with me and QC.” She then addressed the article previously referenced by fans, “This article was made because people assume I did cause they was helping me for a while. They help me with a lot of my work & we always have a great relationship so STOP IT!”

She retweeted a breakdown from another fan that fitted perfectly to what she was trying to explain. The original tweet goes as follows: “She’s not in a legal dispute with QC cuz she was never signed to QC. Her litigation is with KSR [KSR Group]. Which has nothing to do with her current label Atlantic. She’s had a legal battle with them since before IOp dropped. She’s not releasing cuz she doesn’t have to iop is still charting.”

The “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s twitter run also included her breakdown of why she yet to be paid for any of her music.

“NOBODY IS ALLOWED TO TOUCH MUSIC ROYALTIES till litigation is settle. IT DONT MEAN the money is not there.”

So how does she afford her cards, clothes, jewelry, and her home? She explains, “Not from music royalties. When litigation is over EVERYONE will receive the royalties of the songs. Me, producers feature artist etc until then It just collecting itself. I do get payed of publishing ,deals, shows and merch.”

It’s still unclear if her relationship with QC is still alive based on Pierre “Pee” Thomas’ recent rant.