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Drake Thought Had Beef With Irv Gotti Over His Discography

For a second, Drake thought he and Irv Gotti had beef.

Fans wholeheartedly agree with Irv Gotti, saying that Drake has never made an album that can be considered a “masterpiece”. The Toronto native thinks Irv is taking shots at him, however, Irv claims that he has nothing but love for the rapper. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club on June 30th, Irv declared that Drake was a young generation rapper who, as talented as he is, has never delivered an album that can be dubbed as a masterpiece. The Murder Inc chief says Travis Scott above Drizzy where that is concern.

“You don’t see or hear from the young generation albums, impactful albums. You feel impactful singles. Listen, I’ ma even say Drake – who I love. Drizzy, I love you, you know I love you! You know, ‘Murder Inc. like my ni**a Irv,’ that’s me! Aye, I love you, I love your music,” he stated.

He then posed the provoking question, “Would you say Drizzy has delivered an album to that stature? Which I know he can, but I don’t know if he collectively put that energy and said, ‘I’m gonna deliver a masterpiece.’ Does Drizzy have a masterpiece?”

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule

Following that brazen interview, Drake and his team felt some type of way, and rightfully so, that was some heavy criticism that Irv had dropped. Utilizing a subsequent interview to clear the air, Irv explained that he considers Drizzy a real friend. However, his thoughts on his musical contributions remain the same. On Nick Cannon’s Power 106 radio show this past Thursday, Irv exclaimed, “I spoke to Drizzy, and you know he was like,‘You got my people’s saying, they thought we was close.'”

Standing firm on their friendship, he continued, “I said, ‘Drizzy, we are close. Nothing has changed.’ And I said, ‘I’m not one of them hating guys that hated on you.'” He further commented on how brilliant he thinks Drake is as an artiste, “He’s on another planet. I consider him and JAY-Z – they’re like on Uranus, while we’re on the planet Earth.”

Many fans have hopped on the bandwagon sharing Irv’s sentiments, noting that while Drizzy has some certified hits, his albums cannot be compared to that of the greats before him. One fan highlighted, “Irv was just saying as nicely as he can, Drake doesn’t have a Classic album. Its true, Drake is capable of putting out good songs but as far as a Whole Album, its usually Good but Not Great,” while others added, “This generation of rappers is disgracefully soft, cant take any honest critique of their music because they know theyre not actually in the business of making good music.”

“Drizzy is oversensitive……..most of these millennials are oversensitve…. Drake does not have a classic album, period. His albums have not been as impactful as the chronic, 36 chambers, illmatic, the blueprint or even college dropout,” another fan quipped

There are those that believe that Irv Gotti is envious and hating on the “Toosie Slide” rapper. They point out that music of the past and music of the present cannot be compared, as times and the culture are ever-changing and evolving. Drake is being regaled as the future of rap. Where do you stand on this great debate?