Travis Scott More Impactful Than Drake, Says Irv Gotti

Drake Travis Scott
Travis Scott & Drake

It’s Travis Scott over Drake for Irv Gotti.

As founder and top dog of record label Murder Inc., Irv Gotti oversaw some of the 2000’s era biggest careers, including Ja Rule, Ashanti, Christina Milian, and Lloyd. In an interview with The Breakfast Club‘s DJ Envy and Angela Yee, earlier this week, he raised questions about the quality of hip-hop’s current releases, contending that “younger generational” artists have failed to deliver “masterpiece albums,” the focus these days being quick singles and social media relevance.

While giving his opinion on the state of the culture, Irv pointed out that Drake, though incredibly talented, decorated, and idolized, doesn’t have a classic in his collection of LP’s, naming Travis Scott as a more impressive contender.

“You don’t see or hear from the young generation albums, impactful albums,” said Irv. “You feel impactful singles. Listen, I might even say Drake, who I love. Drizzy, I love you, you know I love you, you know what I am saying? You know, ‘Murder Inc. like my n***a Irv,’ that’s me,” he continued, referencing Drake’s lyrics on “Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2”.

Irv Gotti and Ja Rule

“Aye, I love you, I love your music, but would you say Drizzy has delivered an album to that stature? Which I know he can, but I don’t know if he collectively put that energy and said, ‘I’m gonna deliver a masterpiece.’ Does Drizzy have a masterpiece?” “The only artist that I give it to, really, is Travis Scott,” Gotti went on. “That last album, that Brian McKnight or whatever, when I put that album in I was like, ‘Yo, who is this guy?’ And when I heard he produces and everything I was like, Yo, he’s incredible.’ You know what I’m saying? I feel like he’s the only artist that’s a young generational artist where I feel he put so much thought and energy into production.”

Naturally, Irv has earned himself some backlash for the outlandish claims in his “old age”—that Drake is essentially overrated. The multi-platinum selling rapper has broken nearly fifteen Billboard chart records, and counting, truly living up to his own line—’last name ever, first name greatest.’ Ironically, Irv Gotti was singing a very different tune just 3 years ago when he called Drake a” genius” on the boozy, unfiltered Drink Champs podcast. “That n***a is colossal. Listen, he’s a genius,” Irv said of Drake at the time. “Drizzy for sure, is a genius. He’s, dare I say, our Eminem of today. He’s f***ing Eminem.”

It’s hard to say which Irv Gotti to believe, but it’s a certainty that if Drake is losing any sleep these days, it’s not over his comments. The “Sicko Mode” rapper recently shared his post-surgery, bedbound workflow to his Instagram stories, letting the fans know he was “working by any means” on his anticipated summer album that might just be the classic Irv Gotti is looking for.

Do you think Irv Gotti’s opinion was a case of clout chasing or sound commentary on the culture?