Alkaline Fans Accused Intence Of Biting His Style On “Wonder”

Is Intence biting Alkaline’s style?

Dancehall newcomer Intence has been setting quite a pace since landing on the scene last year, and he has released yet another song and music video titled “Wonder” to continue his beautiful run of form. Another artiste who showed similar moxie upon their arrival to the dancehall scene is non-other than the Vendetta Boss, Alkaline. While we are unsure if Alkaline and Intence have ever crossed paths, the artiste who sports the Yeng and Jettlife tags has quickly garnered the reputation for being the musical son the “Champion Boy” deejay.

The artistes’ work-rates were not the only comparison made by fans since many are claiming that the flows of two of Intence’s tracks sound pretty similar to those employed by Alkaline years ago. One such track is Intence’s May release titled, “Dry Eye.” The track was easily stacked against Alkaline’s 2014 hit “Things Take Time.”

In relation to that, the flow and the continuation of the storyline on Intence’s track one fan wrote, “I remembered when alkaline did ask her since when she get so freaky and him cah believe a she this, now look how she dry eye.”

Intence’s latest track titled “Wonder” is now being compared to “A Bagga Tings,” another classic Alkaline from 2014. Not only does this show that Alkaline had a great 2014, but seemingly confirms, Intence’s ‘ratings’ for the MVP champ.

“Wonder” is produced by Nuh Brakes Records with matching visuals provided by KDVisuals876.

The video sees a group of ladies hashing it out in the streets while Intence sits atop his motorcycle, observing what is happening. The banter between the females sounds close to what went down in the audio for “A Bagga Tings.” While Alkaline never actually provided any visuals for his track, one cannot help but imagine that Intence’s depiction of the topic would fit perfectly.

Instagram model Polly Kinz plays the role of the female picking up heat from her counterparts who leave rude remarks. “Dem a tek man like dawg and mi nuh see weh dem have enuh,” they said.

The Jettlife top man defends the leading lady through his lyrics, singing, “A wonder how some dutty gyal a manage / Yuh nuh see a spit dem jankro mix wid vomit / Dem travel pon yuh name from Town to Mobay / Dem deh germs deh wi f–k anybody.”

The raw and descriptive imagery laid down by Intence can also be added to the list of things that seemingly make him a student of Alkaline. To top it all off, the Yengbadness artiste and Vybz Kartel had a falling out some weeks ago which makes him the perfect candidate to roll with the Detta squad.

“Intence is definitely Alkaline son!!! He’ll become the next Alkaline in dancehall and show the youths that talent is what counts and u don’t need to beg any friend to make it in Dancehall,” said one fan.

“Wonder” currently sits at number 3 on the local Youtube trending chart, check it out.