Reggae Songstress Lil Iké Bares Her All In “Forget Me” Visuals

Lila Iké comes through with a timely visual for the weekend for her sultry single “Forget Me.”

While vibing on Clarks Original’s Instagram Q&A and song session a couple of weeks ago, reggae songstress Lila Iké revealed that she had some amazing visuals to offload on her fans. She was not lying as her followup to the peaceful nature walk and hike of “Solitude” has now been pushed aside to welcome visuals for the powerful relationship anthem “Forget Me.” The song finds its way on Lila’s debut EP, The ExPerience, which was released just last month. “Forget Me” boasts a rolling riddim that supports Lila’s sultry vocals, which carry the important message of letting go when the fighting gets too intense.

With Shane Creative and Nickii Kane handling directions, Wikid Media taking charge of the artistic outlay, Habibi Bailey, and Antonette Hines handling production, Jeff Crossley starring in a supportive role, and Lila Ike on lead, it was only a matter of how creative, and expressive they wanted to be.

At the beginning of the video, viewers are tossed into a scene depicting why both individuals want to be crossed out from each other’s lives. Lila and her partner can be seen having a heated argument while occupying a room in their humble abode. Viewers are not necessarily privy to what caused the argument, but it was enough for her lover, played by Crossley, to storm out of the house. This ultimately gives Lila and the creative forces behind the project a chance to inject colorful scenes of the couple having fun.

The B-roll cuts from the project breed additional life into the already vibrant body of work. From the seas of blue showcased while they are on the beach, to the beautiful emerald getup Lila rocks in the final scene, each detail compliments the other. Throughout most of the video, Lila drops her serious attitude, which is usually characterized by Clarks and pants suits and opts for ‘slayed’ edges and silk spaghetti straps.

However, not even her heightened feminine charm is enough to recapture the magic she and her beau once shared. She sings: “See I don’t want to do this anymore I ain’t lying/Find myself just trying to figure out what’s on your mind/I don’t wanna let you go babe/You’ve got to know this.”

“Forget Me” can be streamed below.