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Dancehall Singer Dexta Daps Gets Backlash For Casting White Actors In New Visual Off “VENT” Album

Dancehall singjay Dexta Daps catches some heat from his fans for his new visuals off his upcoming album, VENT.

Armed with new music, a brand new video, and promises of a summer album, Dexta Daps attempts to woo his fans. Sadly he is met with strong resistance from some fans for his choice of talent used in the visuals. We may not be wrong to say that dancehall artiste Dexta Daps has cultivated an impressive fanbase compromising of mostly females. How else could a track such as “Breaking News,” which promotes females taking revenge into their own hands, garner such a cult following.

Dexta Daps captured his fans in 2014 with his controversial breakout single “7Eleven,” which made it clear that he had no problems with sharing his queen or cares much about her past. 2017 saw the Seaview Gardens based artiste providing a steamy seductively charged debut project titled Intro. The 12 track project featured song such as “Only U,” “Love Vacation,” “F__k You Mean,” “Mi C Mi Bed N Miss U,” and the fan-favorite “Owner,” that came packaged with one of the raunchiest music videos to be provided by a dancehall artiste,

The “Naked” deejay is gearing up to drop yet another project this summer, and this time he is choosing to VENT about his problems. VENT is scheduled for a July release. However, being the showman he is, he has decided to whet his fans’ appetites with his brand new song and music video.

Dexta appoints manager and director Rahim Visram to present the concept of “HEARTLESS” – “the season premiere of his new original visual series” fashioned off his forthcoming album. The details of the story are gifted to us in the video’s description, as Visram concocts the story of Dexta meeting “his Bride-To-Be at the altar. As he begins to share his vows, he finds himself reminiscing about her deceitful ways. Before saying I do, Dexta confronts her ulterior motives.”

The concept provides for an interesting watch, which has led to the video accumulating a healthy number of views and comments since being released mere hours ago. So far, over 600 individual comments have been left below the music video, with many of his adoring fans singing praises to his artistic abilities and the clean and sharp presentation of the video.

However, some fans were and are still not pleased about the ethnicity, and skin color of the leading lady presented in the clip. While we are unsure of the exact date when the shots were filmed, the fact that it took place in Brooklyn gives some incite that it could be before the COVID-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter race riots, which are still rocking the United States. Sadly, it seems the series could not come at a more inopportune time, with black people battling fairer treatments worldwide. It seems the singjay has now been pegged as the cross-bearer for all other entertainers who have opted out of using black women as leads.

“Where are the dark and brown skin leads?,” asked one fan before explaining what she sees as a shortfall of Jamaican entertainers, “Everytime these artist create a major visual they tend to use white females. Are we still that brainwashed?! Every other culture seems to be embracing thier blackness, do better Jamaica; Representation matters.”

However, at least one Dexta fan came to his rescue, bashing the previous commenter for not highlighting that his other music videos featured black females. He asked, “Y u talk skin color of u person of a white person in the video look how many videos him do black girls major videos tht is.”

Another supporter expounded on his previous releases that featured black females. “He did it with a dark skin girl in morning love video and bring it to the owner and bad gal this mi have,” he explained.

While a few came to his defense, the Youtube comment section was still peppered with calls to “low di white woman ting.”

“Why is the leading woman white and not black. my youth fix up man cha,” instructed another fan.

Even more potent comments could be found below the promotional posts on his Instagram account as well. One person issued threats of cancellation for what he/she saw as a misstep on Dexta’s part.

“his ass canceled because of that to nothing is more beautiful and powerful than a black queen,” went the comment.

“Your music only celebrates by mostly black queen, You make music for black peoples we as black peoples buy your music so where the F__K is the celebration of the black woman you be talking about in your music and at your shows???? Where is the black queen,” came another passionate user.

While the debates raged in the comments, his coworkers applauded his artistic abilities. Tarrus Riley said, “Star A Star ya Man @dextadaps yeah bredda!!!!!”

Chris Martin gave his approval by typing Boasy laced with fire emoticons, Romain Virgo also unleashed some flames and Spice found their own creative ways to relay just how the ladies should be feeling.