DJ Akademiks Suing Meek Mill, Calls Him A Sensitive Gangsta

DJ Akademiks says he is suing Meek Mill after calling him a sensitive gangsta.

The irony of the drama is that it all revolves around a third party — Tekashi 6ix9ine. Meek Mill and Tekashi have been on opposing ends, with the “Otherside of America” rapper appalled that 6ix9ine could snitch on his Nine Trey Blood Gangsta members, referring to him as an informant behind a keyboard who is trying to troll families that he ruined. Tekashi is, of course, a very close friend of DJ Akademiks.

While 6ix9ine was in prison, Meek unfollowed the Everyday Struggle host on social media, and just last month, Akademiks went off on Meek, calling him a hypocrite for trashing the “TROLLZ” rapper when, himself, is aligned to Roc Nation Management which is headed by a woman who previously served as a government drug informant. Meek demanded that Akademiks stop throwing his name around, and the DJ obliged, but now seems to have stepped back on his decision as he went on a rant all about the Philly artist.

During the Instagram Live tirade, Akademiks called Meek’s toughness into question, claiming that he only goes after those who are too weak or unprepared to defend themselves. An example he used was the scuffle that ensued between Meek, his ex Nicki Minaj, and her husband Kenneth Petty in an LA boutique. “I’ve never seen Meek Mill press an actual gangsta,” Ak said during the 20-minute-long monologue. “But they can’t wait to run into the blog n****. I’ve never seen Meek do nothing to another hood n****.”

It’s doubtful that Meek is going to let this slide.