Cosmetics Billionaire Kylie Jenner Flashes Her Boobs On The Gram In Curve Hugging Lingerie

Kylie Jenner is back to thirst trapping on the Gram.

It has only been a few days into summer, but Kylie Jenner is already bringing sweltering heat to the gram with a double shot of her brand new hairdo and a truly eye-catching Gucci lingerie! The Billionaire make-up mogul has been dropping some truly showstopping photos since copping her brand new $43 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. With fans giving her a perfect 10 for almost every new upload, it has become a mystery how she was able to raise the roof with her new shots.

In the photo, she is sporting a body-hugging, mind-altering Gucci bra, that channels your focus straight to her heart. This is all topped off by a new platinum blonde hairdo. She said very little below her first post, simply penning “Last night.”

With no clue as to what actually went down ‘last night’, we can only imagine just how fun it was to capture the shot. With over 9 million of her adoring followers fanning out over the picture in less than 10 hours, it’s safe to say Kylie is slaying The Gram like a true Kardashian.

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what’s meant for me will always be ?

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However, the young Jenner was not yet finished and double-down on her sex appeal in her next upload. While the attire didn’t change, her countenance seemingly said, ‘I’m in control.’

“too good had to do a double take,” she wrote in the caption. According to reports, both images seemed to have been taken in the bedroom of her new mansion. However, the question is, by who?

There shouldn’t be any talk of a mansion without mention her on-again-off-again partner/bather father, Travis Scott. A little under a week ago, the rapper copped a brand new residence valued at 23.5 million dollars. Even though he had a relatively newer place, he was still invited over to his baby mama’s house for Father’s day. The move quickly prompted rumors of the two getting back together. However, there is nothing solid to support that claim. One thing we could be accurate about is that he also loves Kylie’s new look.

Normani mentioned that she was in support of the blonde do and told Kylie in the comments that it’s “what needed to be done.”

At least one person wanted to know, “How do u manage to look perfect all the time..??”

Sadly, the cosmetic queen did not offload any secrets, but she has a few tricks up her sleeves.