Chemistry Boss Accuses I Waata Of Jacking His “Reebok” Idea

I Waata, one of dancehall’s freshest faces is currently facing claims of theft, after budding dancehall star Chemistry Boss accused him of yanking his style on a new song.

I Waata recently released his brand new song and video titled “Reebok” which pays homage to the American based footwear and apparel giant. The song, which praises the ‘Classic’ shoe line has been enjoying a brilliant run of form since being released over a week ago. It also comfortably sitting at number 17 on Youtube’s local trending list with over 172,893 views.

Fans have been gushing about the many different colors and styles displayed in the music video, along with expressing their love affair with the brand. “Reebok me Rock from 8 grade to 11 grade. A fi we brand this from day one,” said one fan.

Another mentioned, “Fuss man me si sing bout a different shoes every body a Clark’s.”

Sadly it seems that this fan’s observation may not be entirely true, as up and coming artiste Chemistry Boss is letting the world know that he released “Classic Lifestyle” back in December. The song which was uploaded to Akam Entertainments Youtube channel has already amassed over 2300 views. Chemistry Boss boasts about the “British Flag” of his Reebok Classic throughout the majority of the chorus. The flag is usually seen as the best was to confirm that you are not sporting a pair of knockoffs.

“Bare gyal wa gi me wuk, / wuss when a pon the hot tar me put the Reebok,” he deejays in one of the verses before saluting the versatility of the popular footwear during the outro of his song.

“Big up the school yout dem who a wear the new Reebok boot dem / Talk it make it echo a the boot fi the ghetto / All yuh do is wipe it off with a piece of rag, don’t buy it if it no have the British Flag,” he added in the outro.

In a video uploaded to social media, Chemistry Boss explains just how I Waata stole his concept. “Have the song a try wid the song from last year ‘British Flag de pon me Reebok Classic a the signature line inna the song,” he said.

With the song not getting the love as he would have hoped, he explains that he reached out to a few artiste on Instagram by tagging them to his post, I Waata being one such entertainer. Chemistry Boss saluted the hard work both I Waata and Intence have put into their craft as young artistes in the industry, and said that he thought the “Cut Off Jeans” deejay was doing him a solid when he reposted the comment and track to his own status.

“But at the end of the day in short order me notice say wa artwork put up say Reebok, I Waata have Reebok song ago come out,” added Chemistry Boss. “Me hope a no run the g ago start run wid tha Rebook supm ya eno cause me done wa be the man wa a sing bout Reebok already from ball one, that me live inna, that me wear all the time,” he said.

The deejay recalled the time Reebok Classic’s official Instagram page replied to one of his tags. He stated in the video, “If you check me Instagram you can see say even Reebok Classic tag me already and tell me say get the song louder fi the people dem inna the back; get your video done, do certain stuff and get your thing loud.”

Approximately 2 weeks ago the entertainer announced that the music video for his song will be releasing soon. “OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO COMING SOON…… BRITISH FLAG DEH PAN MI REEBOK CLASSIC,” he penned in the caption of the post.

“When me check it out now, I Waata drop video…wol a my little fren dem start link me up now and a say yow, you no see the man thief yuh style and me a say Jah know star,” he exclaimed.

I Waata has yet to respond to the accusations however, fans have been weighing in on the matter.

“Who’s chemistry? Kmt bredda lift up from ya so Kartel nu sing bout Clark’s n javilani sing bout it lately u ear nu feud,” said one fan.

One person praised the comment have before giving a more in-depth explanation as to why I Waata should not be labeled as a thief. “Come through goody! Hot frass sing bout polo and tommy Lee sing bout polo. Tommy sing rich badness and savage sing rich badness to shenseea and intense a seh yeng. .and nubody naw trace,” he said.

Do you think I Waata should have gotten in contact with Chemistry Boss before crafting a song centering around the same topic?