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Travis Scott Drops $23.5 Million Cash On A Brentwood Mansion

Travis Scott bank account took a hit when he dropped $23.5 million cash on a Brentwood, CA mansion.

Following on the heels of his billionaire baby mama, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott drops huge stacks on a new mansion. Although her massive estate purchase in Holmby Hills was said to be $36.5 million, Travis’s is nothing to laugh at. How many houses do rappers really need? This must be rich people business as the “Highest In The Room” rapper cops a brand new house valued at $23.5 million. Boasting a 20-car “auto gallery,” a whopping 15-seat theater, an outdoor kitchen, 11 bathrooms, and 7 bedrooms, Travis is the definition of balling.

The mansion, which is located in Brentwood, California, Los Angeles, was paid for upfront and in full, no mortgages here. Being a new resident in this exclusive neighborhood, Travis becomes neighbors with top-class celebs such as LeBron James.

Big enough to house a village, the three-floor 16,700 sq. ft. mansion sits high on a hill looking down on the city, allowing Travis to have a spectacular panoramic view second to none. With the backyard measuring 10,000 sq. foot alone, it features a glass-tiled infinity pool, a Zen garden, and a fruit orchard with 300 trees, TMZ reported.

When made aware of the mansion’s initial $42 million asking price, Travis comes out on top with an amazing bargain. Boasting an exterior remnant to that of “a modern yacht,” Travis is living a life of luxury.

This lifestyle would certainly make anyone jealous with enough bedrooms and bathrooms that you can easily choose to use a different one daily for more than a week straight. Although daughter Stormi has mum’s lavish new mansion to call home, we’re sure she’ll be spending lots of her time at dad’s.