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Ja Rule Trends On Twitter After This Viral Papa Cristo’s Commerical, Ja Rule Reacts

It’s all Greek food for Ja Rule, and fans can’t get enough of this commercial.

Ja Rule has had a pretty successful career since stepping onto the scene in 2004. Having sold more than 30 million records worldwide, with more than one album that has topped the US Billboard 200 chart, and four Grammy Awards, one could hardly ever say that the “Livin’ It Up” rapper was done on his luck. However, the last time Jah put out an album was eight years ago with 2012’s Pain Is Love 2, so perhaps he is struggling in the finance department, and that is why he agreed to become the face of Papa Cristo’s Greek Grill in Los Angeles.

On Monday, a promo for the restaurant appeared online and safe to say, it’s… odd. One gets the feeling that Ja Rule really is a genuine fan of the place as he seemingly ad-libbed the bizarre ad, which consisted of almost more bleeped-out curses than actual words.

Some of the highlights include the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star wearing a T-shirt that says “I heart Greece,” a mini Jah throwing pitas in the air, mispronouncing the traditional Greek dishes, and even attempting a cultural dance. “You can’t even pronounce the food, it’s so goddamn good,” he says.

Jah may have been talking about grilling in the clip, but he was totally roasted on social media. “That Ja Rule commercial has been the worst part of 2020 tbh,” wrote one Twitter user, while others mocked the far-below average food pack that those at his failed Fyre Fest had received, saying one should always trust a Ja Rule food endorsement. But the internet should have expected that the rapper’s nemesis, 50 Cent, would put their beef in a souvlakia. “This is what happens when f*** with me, I’ll have you and your whole label selling Gyro’s,” he quipped. “Go head try me!”

For all the shade he’s receiving, let’s hope Ja Rule is laughing all the way to the bank.