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Drake Stans Blast Pusha T For Taking Photos With Police At BLM Event

Drake stans are blasting Pusha T on Twitter for taking a photo with police.

Pusha T was at an event that is supposed to be centered around the Black Lives Matter movement. The Daytona rapper joined other music stars like Trey Songz in Petersburg, where they took part in the “Feed Your City” challenge, handing out food to protestors. King Push was right there in the middle of things handing out food while doing something great for his community, but things didn’t went so well for him when he decided to pose for a photo op with a police officer.

The police are the main reason for the widespread social unrest over the past several weeks. Cops are toxic right now, so Pusha T taking a pic with one can easily be seen of tone-deaf or cutting against the grain. Nevertheless, Drake fans saw this as an opportunity to hit back while comparing the photo to Drake wearing blackface. Let’s not forget that Drake is a black man even though he is considered light skin in the black community, so wearing blackface doesn’t mean he is racist, although Pusha T tried to make it to be that way when he released his now-infamous diss track, “The Story Of Adidon.”

“Push taking photos with the police while calling out Drake for blackface isn’t sitting right with me,” one fan tweeted while another added, “How can you take pics with the police when they killing us bro so ignorant and stupid that’s you get bodied by a singing ni**a.”

There were some fans who don’t see any reasons to compare the Drake blackface fiasco with Pusha T posing for photos with the police. Still, either of them seems controversial, and the argument now is, which is more controversial.