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Meek Mill Slams Nicki Minaj & Tekashi 6ix9ine For Fake YouTube Views, 69 Reacts

Meek Mill is calling out Tekashi 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj over their YouTube views mishap.

Tekashi 6ix9ine continues to confidently take on conquering the rap game, even after being widely shunned and shamed by the hip hop community. Since his release from prison, he has been active on social media and in the studio, stirring up publicity for his new music and attracting plenty of controversies. His latest single, “TROLLZ,” featuring Nicki Minaj, dropped last week, and the New York rapper immediately celebrated the track’s success, claiming that the video beat his previous record for the biggest 24-hour debut.

However, YouTube quickly released a statement to shut down this claim, saying, “TROLLZ” came in 6.4 million views short of surpassing the record. YouTube went on to describe how views are tallied, explaining that only “organic sources” are used to count towards the total. This led some people to speculate that Tekashi could be attempting to buy views himself to keep his name in the headlines and gain some inertia in his career.

Meek Mill, who has previously spoken out against 6ix9ine and his decision to cooperate with federal authorities, didn’t miss a chance to clown 6ix9ine for the botched announcement. Taking to Twitter, he posted, “Numbers do lie… who made that up?”

Although Meek didn’t mention Tekashi directly, it was pretty clear what numbers he was referring to. When Akademiks later posted a screenshot of the Tweet, 6ix9ine showed up in the comment section, saying, “64 Speaks”. The comment referred to Meek’s place on the Billboard Hot 100 after his release of “Otherside of America” last week.

The Billboard Hot 100 is set to be released again on Monday, at which point 6ix9ine fans and haters alike will be able to see once and for all if the numbers are on his side. Until then, we can all continuing watching the rainbow-haired rapper relentlessly troll his critics and try desperately to stay in the rap game.