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Tommy Lee Sparta Drops New Gangster Anthem “Tattoo” – Listen

Tommy Lee Sparta has raised the energy level in the room with his brand new single “Tattoo.”

With Boss Lady Musik x Night Owl Music handling productions, Tommy Lee Sparta got the stamp of approval to speak on his love for body art. Tommy Lee is no stranger to tattoos, the deejay currently boasts an impressive compilation of artworks that covers his face, his neck, his arms, his chest, his back, and his legs. His scorpion and gravity face tattoos have ultimately become a part of his signature look.

“Tattoo” encompasses everything involved with a tattoo, from the buzzing of the needle to confidence received from getting some new ink. The female tattoo lovers are also represented in the new track as the deejay confesses his love for them, especially when the club lights hit their skin.

While grabbing a Tattoo doesn’t give you a pass to be a gangster, Tommy Lee also decided to allocate a few bars to explain his life as a thug, a swagging one at that.

Would you like to learn a couple of lines from the song? If yes, go ahead and peep some of the lyrics below.

“Yow mi?tatts dem bad/Bleach up mi skin mek di ink dem dark/True mi cologne ah kick like a World Cup match/Gyal drop off ah pole inna di go go shop/Buff baff, Doh mek mi talk bout swag/Rose gold chain trap’s/Rolex watch, Rose gold link dey pon white t-shirt/And mi sleeve level cold yea deh neva pitch patch/Big bad big batty gyal pon bike back,” Tommy Lee deejay.

Go ahead and stream Tommy Lee Sparta’s new track below.