Buju Banton’s Teen Daughter Abihail Myrie Stuns In The #VogueChallenge

Buju Banton is showing off his daughter’s Vogue cover shoot. Do you think he knows it’s a challenge?

The industry is filled with supportive dads who just want to see their kids thrive. Buju Banton is one of many fathers who have advocated for his spawn profusely. With her latest endeavor on the front page of “Vogue Jamaica,” the reggae singer is the first to congratulate her on social media. The reggae icon’s daughter Abihail Myrie is an entrepreneur and socialite, but she made the front page of the faux Jamaican version of the popular magazine a likable concept with her flawless dark skin, accentuated legs and supermodel poses.

Taking to Instagram to share a photo of Abihail’s Vogue cover, a proud Buju Banton wrote, “Abi my wailers, U go girl. Love u baby @abihailmyrie #daughter.” Buju’s post by itself could easily fool onlookers into thinking it was an actual Vogue cover shoot as his caption did not so much as allude to a social media challenge. However, over on Abihail’s page, she was transparent when she detailed alongside the gorgeous photo, “Because we’re manifesting it!” she wrote with the hashtag for the Vogue challenge.

Many people in and outside of Jamaica have been participating in the trending social media challenge, which sees users simulating a real Vogue cover in their likeness and adding their country of residence or nationality to the iconic magazine logo. We’re not entirely sure that Buju is even aware that this cover shoot, albeit which captures an absolutely stunning, supermodel-esque Abihail, is a facade. Then again, how can he not right?

Over on Abihail’s original post, one fan commented, “OBSESSED,” while another said, “This is sickkkk” with heart eyes and fire emojis. Comments also included “Phenomenal” and “This WIN” which all summed up quite well the breathtaking Vogue challenge cover shoot. Abihail also gave credit to her photographer Wade Rhoden who was instrumental in helping her get on the cover of a Teen Vogue story recounting the best 13 Vogue challenge posts. Whether the cover was real or not, Abihail is manifesting this opportunity as she said. Her dad has all the reason in the world to be proud as well. Do you think he peeped his girl in the Teen Vogue article?