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DJ Mustard Looks Unrecognizable After Massive Weight Loss, Here’s how Much Pounds He Lost

DJ Mustard is entering his 30th year in style after dropping a ton of weight.

The record producer is known for being a little on the hefty, but that has since changed. DJ Mustard has been hard at work on improving his health this year, confirming that 2020 is indeed a year for growth — or, in this case, slimming. In the six months that have passed, the “Ballin'” producer has lost a whopping 47 pounds!

Mustard — whose stage name is a pun on his government name ‘Dijon’ — shared the dramatic weight loss with fans in an Insta post to mark his 30th birthday. With the world currently dealing with serious issues such as the death of George Floyd and the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement, the DJ said he was hesitant to post about something as seemingly frivolous as a birthday.

However, the producer had a change of heart when he realized the significance of reaching his third decade as a successful African-American man who has a slew of hit singles and a Grammy Award nomination — as well as the impressive determination of losing so much weight.

“I’ve debated on not posting on my birthday because of all that’s going on but then i thought to myself, do you know how hard it is making it to the age of 30 as a black successful man in this world!!!?” Mustard wrote on IG. DJ Mustard added that he made the decision to go on a healthy path at the beginning of the year, and this is now where he’s at in the journey. “Well here I am today, 30 years old and 47 pounds down,” Mustard wrote.

Seeing as we’re only halfway through 2020, who knows how much weight Mustard will have shed come December!