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YG Drops New Song “FTP (F**k The Police)” Amidst George Floyd’s Murder

YG released his protest anthem “FTP (F**k The Police)” on Black Out Tuesday.

Los Angeles rapper YG dropped a new song called “FTP” and fans are quickly adapting to its politically charged message to campaign for social justice. The track that was released in the midst of the global upset over racial injustices in the United States and, more specifically, police brutality against African Americans was produced by Swish and Larry J. According to YG, he’s “on some f**k the police sh*t” and “it’s the vibe.”

The track sounds to be a spin-off of YG’s equally controversial “F**k Donald Trump,” his 2016 record that featured the late Nipsey Hussle. The hook of the song challenges the outrageous recent display of abuse of authority by repeating the phrase, “f**k the police” before the verse tackles the reasons and elaborates on how law enforcement built a sordid reputation tainted with the blood of black people in the U.S.

YG and Nipsey Hussle

“Murder after murder after all these years / Buy a strap, bust back after all these tears,” YG raps. “F**k silence, speak up b*tch, this sh*t ill / (Big-big) Big stick on me, y’all kill, we kill / Been tired, f*** cardboard signs, we in the field / It’s the Ku Klux cops, they on a mission / It’s the Ku Klux cops, got hidden agendas / It’s the truth, I won’t stop / Open cases, police already hate me, why not.”

As disgruntled protesters rage on in the name of social justice and systematic racism, YG had planned to join the march himself, but due to safety concerns, he opted to cancel the demonstration that he organized in Los Angeles. Taking to Instagram to share a video message offering an update to fans, the rapper made an understandable yet disappointing call. “I’m not trying to get none of my people hurt or shot so I’ mma cancel the date.” He continued, “It’s f*ked up but I’m gonna come back bigger and better. I’m partnering with Black Lives Matter and we gonna do this sht the right way. For the people, for the city, and for all the artists that wanna pop out and participate.”

YG has long been an advocate of social justice and an artist who admonishes police brutality in his music bluntly. In addition to his tracks “FDT” and now “FTP,” the rapper also has a song called “Police Get Away wit Murder” that he released in 2016. Check out the newest addition to YG’s growing protest catalog.