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Trina Gets Canceled For Calling #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Animals, Masika Kalysha Flamed Her

Trina is coming under fire for describing protesters as “animals” in her recent rant.

They say, “It be your own people.” Floridian rapper Trina invited a whole ton of backlash from fans and the black community when she irresponsibly referred to those standing up for justice for George Floyd as “animals” during an impassioned rant. The rapper has been hosting her own radio show on 99 Jamz in Miami for some time now, and she has had a lot of supporters. However, she might have just conceded a major hit to her ratings.

During her rant on a recent episode of the show, Trina was vocal about her disapproval of the looting, furious over her friend’s shop getting destroyed and admitting that it was personal for her. Trina was having a conversation with Trick Daddy when she said that the protesters were “animals” for what they were doing in Miami. She also passionately brought up her brother being killed by another black man exuding some level of hate towards the community.

There were points where the rapper sounded a bit out of touch, especially when Trick Daddy brought up the fear that runs through the veins of colored people when they’re pulled over. This is when Trina insisted that she’s never scared because she has her license and registration. Many people found her privileged response quite naive and uneducated. In spite of Trick Daddy’s attempts to shower the rapper with some ‘woke’ knowledge, she argued that “a life is a life” and regardless of how they die there is no difference.

Trina later took to Twitter amidst the backlash to further defend her poor arguments and maintained protesters standing up for what’s right will not change anything. “Some of y’all are plain fkN ignorant and nothing nobody do will help period,” she tweeted. “I’m at work and I’m muthaf*n ready,” Trina added.

Fans were understandably upset about her sentiments, with some calling for the rapper to be canceled. The reaction on Twitter was swift, and it was unanimous. One fan politely stated that his disappointed and suggested that his days of supporting Trina is over. “To refer to your own as ‘animals’ is so despicable. Thank you for the memories, Trina, but good riddance to you and Black celebrities like you. Y’all are failing us,” he wrote.

Many have started to draw up conspiracy theories to make sense of why some black celebrities are against the revolution that their own community is trying to incite. Along with the idea that they are getting paid to sound off on the wrong side of the protest, some fans believe that there are some who hate themselves and as such their own race. It is clear that Trina is obstinate in her beliefs and has no intention of taking back anything she said. The question is, will her widely disagreeable statements continue to affect her career?