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Cardi B Exposed Thousands Of ‘Trump Bots’ Spamming her IG Comments

Cardi B is exposing thousands of “Trump bots” spamming her comments on Instagram.

Cardi B hasn’t just been chilling on the ‘gram; she’s been exposing dozens of fake accounts. Theses social media accounts are controlled by computer programs, known as bots, as opposed to belonging to real people — and have a specific agenda, whether it be upping follower counts or spreading a specific message, propaganda. In the case of those discovered by Cardi B, the bots are engineered to support US President Donald Trump.

With American citizens set to head to the polls later this year, primaries are now underway to elect the Democratic candidate who will vie against Trump for the title of president. Cardi B urged her Instagram followers to go out and vote.

“Trump is encouraging his supporters to vote and THEY WILL !” she wrote alongside a screenshot of three of Trump’s tweets. “They follow everything and do everything he tells them to do .WE have the power to vote as well.” The post received more than 46,000 comments, but as the “Press” rapper revealed in a follow-up post, many of them belong to bots.

Cardi shared a video if the comments she had attained, the majority of which stated the tagline ‘Trump 2020’. “Just like a lot of these celebs this guy got BOTS TOO,” she wrote in the caption. “Look at all these BOTS under my last post.” It is likely that the accounts are orchestrated to respond to certain keywords, hence the flooding of Cardi’s comment section.

The Grammy Award winner is not the only one frustrated with bots of late. 50 Cent recently declared that he would be turning off the comments feature on his own IG, citing “too many Bots trying to sway public opinions” after he posted pictures and videos that exhibited police brutality and racial targeting in the US.