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Rapper Tokyo Jetz Issued Tearful Apology Following Backlash Over George Floyd Joke

Tokyo Jetz is apologizing through tears amidst the backlash she received for her insensitive George Floyd joke.

Less than a week after the gruesome killing of 46-year-old African American man George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota, rapper Tokyo Jetz cracked a very inappropriate joke that raised alarms among fans. During an Instagram Live session, Tokyo was kidding around with her hairstylist when she put him in a chokehold and said, “I’ma George Floyd your muthaf***in’ ass.”

Fans did not take kindly to the insensitive joke, which went viral in minutes. Tokyo Jetz was even trending on Twitter earlier today following an increase in the number of fans that caught wind of her comment. Shortly after noticing that she messed up, the rapper took to Instagram again to share an apology. Tokyo opted to make a video apology rather than write it, and she also removed all the other posts from her Instagram page.

“I’m sorry, I messed up big time. Nothing excuses what I’ve said and done, but I do really want everyone to know I’m not proud of it and sincerely apologize,” she wrote in the caption of the post. In the video, the rapper was initially fighting back tears as she explained that there is no excuse for what she said, especially as a black woman who should be standing up for her people. She eventually let those tears go when she began discussing the fact that it could have been anyone from the black community on George Floyd’s position – including her son.

Tokyo Jetz is best known for her single “No Problem,” which was released in 2018. She is currently signed to Grand Hustle, which was founded by hip-hop star T.I. While some fans seem to need more time to forgive her for her recent shortcomings, others assured her that everyone makes mistakes, and she should hold her head up.

Ironically, one fan pointed out that the rapper was admonishing black men who hate black women just last week, yet here she is making tone-deaf jokes about the brutality against her own race. It’s safe to say that it is a sensitive time for the world in general right now so everyone – not just celebrities – should all just be mindful of that.