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Kulture Unphased By Cardi B’s Antics In This Hilarious Video

Cardi B’s daughter has no time for her mama’s craziness.

Anyone who has ever watched a video of Cardi B’s knows that the “Money” rapper is A LOT. Raised in The Bronx around her father’s family, who comes from Dominica, the artist has a thick accent and a large Latin-infused personality. Cardi B is notorious for posting authentic videos on social media that fuel some of her self-created words like “Okurrrr” and “Eeeooowww.” Now its the latest clip she posted online that demonstrates how sometimes she can just be a little too much even for her daughter Kulture.

Enter Kulture — Cardi’s daughter with Offset that is just shy of her second birthday. Like many kids, Kulture is adept at using an iPad and becoming consumed by all it has to offer. Like many kids, Kulture seems to have become accustomed to ignoring her mom calling her name! Cardi posted a video in which she calls the little girl’s moniker over and over again, while the toddler remains distracted by the tablet in her hand.

“She not sleeping, she just not listening,” the Grammy Award winner says. Even when her pacifier is removed, Kulture briefly looks over to her mom before placing it back in her mouth and continuing with what she was doing. Those on Twitter found it hilarious how Baby K appeared to be annoyed by her mom, but Cardi shot back by sharing just how much of a mama’s girl the 1-year-old is. “And guess who made me get out the shower ,thirty minutes later after this live with soap on me just to tuck her in and cuddle her to sleep ?” Cardi tweeted. “Yes Miss Kulture.”

On Mother’s Day, Cardi B rapped a song she had written about her little girl, elaborating how her daughter changed her life.