Dancehall Diva Dovey Magnum Explains Why She’s getting Her Boobs Done In Miami

Dovey Magnum says she is in Miami to get her boobs done because she’s simply tired of wearing bra.

The onset of the coronavirus has led to a change of action for many artistes, including Dovey Magnum. The talented dancehall baddie was chatting with Winford Williams on CVM TV’s Onstage last Saturday when she revealed that she is now under new management with New Era Entertainment’s Kereberry, and is currently working on pulling herself out of the slump caused by the virus. The Atlanta based deejay is currently spending time in Florida and decided to unveil the secret sauce in her plans to rejuvenate her spirits during these dark days, and is it by going under the knife.

While revealing to Winford about the upcoming surgery, she mentioned, “Well actually me ago do me breast Winford because me tired fi wear brazzaire.” She continued, “me wa do me breast cause me tired a how dem just heng dung.”

The “Bawl Out” singer’s comment seemingly left the host quite astonished. Nonetheless, he continued with the interview, inquiring if surgery will also be performed on other areas of the body. “Me know know wa else me ago do but me only have money fi the breast now so me go do me breast cause me tired fi wear ‘brazzaire’ cause them hurt me and dem supm de,” said Dovey Magnum.

Apart from the health concerns mentioned by Dovey, she might have also indirectly mentioned another reason for copping a ‘designer body’.

“Me did single the other day but me find wa other girl baby father and him a gwaan good, me like him,” she mentioned before dropping one of his more interesting qualities, “and him give me money.”

Dovey then placed her dating cards out on the table for any man looking to shoot their shot. For starters, you will need to be in a committed relationship before trying your hand at this goddess. “If me ago talk to a man or whatever, cause me like other people man cause me no have much responsibility with them but them know wa fi do from wa no fi do,” she expounded.

Another prerequisite to dating Dovey is being able to help fund her baby, her music career, which has taken a hit amidst COVID-19.

While a breast augmentation me may on the books for the Bawl Out queen, it is not the only business she has going on in the Sunshine state. “I’m in South Florida right now working wit Troyton Rami Music also Wave Music,” she mentioned before making the big real that she is currently working on an album. The artiste did not provide any additional details on the project however, she also confirmed a song and music video to be done with Hapilos Entertainment Group, Inc.

Entrepreneurship also seems to be one of Dovey’s strong suits, as viewers were also made aware of her new skincare line, ‘The Boss’ face scrub. “That’s the first line of my skincare and we are coming out with a face serum to give you that glow,” said a truly radiant Dovey, complemented by a full length of gold hair and a pair of dazzling fake lashes.

The singer ended her chat on a positive note by charging her fellow coworkers to stay positive and to transfer that positivity to their fans as best as possible.