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T.I. Breaks Silence On President Trump Distorting His Lyrics To Attack Joe Biden

Grammy award-winning rapper T.I. has responded to a viral campaign ad that was posted by Donald Trump on Snapchat using one of his popular hit songs.

Trump’s anti-Joe Biden ad makes use of the Atlanta rap legend’s 2008 hit song “Whatever You Like” but distorts the original lyrics. Instead of using T.I.’s words, “I want your body, need yo’ body. Long as you got me, you won’t need nobody,” the edited the lyrics in the video with it saying, “I don’t want Joe Biden, need Joe Biden. Long as you’ve got me, you don’t need Joe Biden.”

In response to this, on Thursday, T.I.’s rep released a statement condemning the ad and the alteration of the original lyrics.

“It goes without saying that T.I. would not in any way ever support the divisive policies and destructive propaganda of Trump,” the statement sent to HotNewHipHop reads. “The people of our country deserve far better than this. Be clear, he does not authorize it or consent to the use of his song to falsely suggest any endorsement of President Trump or to attack Joe Biden. It is sad but expected that this President would stoop so low to use his property without authority to manipulate the community. T.I.’s legal team and media partners are already moving expeditiously to block this unauthorized use and set the record straight in no uncertain terms!”

T.I, who is known to be a vocal critic of Donald Trump and his policies since 2016 when he infamously posted on his Instagram saying, “Nobody who supports me will support you.” He even took it a bit further in October 2018 by having a look-alike of the First Lady of The U.S. striptease in an office that was a replica of the Oval Office.

Even though he is yet to comment on this ad, as his attention is focused on the injustice meted to George Floyd, his rep team has stated that they would be pursuing legal action against Trump.

You can check out the ad here.