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Popcaan Creates A “Buzz” Explains Why He Cut His Hair In New Song, TROUBLE!

Popcaan new song is amply titled “Buzz” and he shed some light on why he cut his signature hair.

A couple of weeks ago, Popcaan seemingly rolled back the years by getting a fresh haircut. It didn’t come as a surprise that fans from all over the world expressed their disappointment with the move, as Popcaan is not only known for his creative bars on tracks but also his truly out of this world hairstyles. Much like everything these days, there were numerous memes addressing the topic, some of which the Unruly Champ embraced by sharing them on his Instagram page.

Apart from Jada Kingdom, who thought he looked “Sharp,” it seems Popcaan was able to find another female to go on record praising his new and less elaborate look. The sultry voice makes its way to the intro of Popcaan’s newest release titled “Buzz.”

“Hey Papi! I like that new trim you know. It has a Buzz” the mystery female says before making way for the Afrobeat inspired dancehall beat produced by TWO4KAY & Mini E5.

Popcaan throws on his best African accent for his version of the intro before jumping into the easy flowing chorus laced with some of the deejay’s best slangs. “Gyal Dem a say me trim have a buzz,” he sings for a majority of the chorus while stating his vices, “good head and pun*ny me love, gyal dem say me trim have a buzz.”

The Unruly Boss references his haircut throughout the song, even mentioning that he doesn’t regret doing. He also takes aim at persons looking to copy his style. “Boy dem try fi tief me style dem, try tief me plat, try tief me twist – watch me style pon stage and try wit it see me trim me hair now make dem try with it,” he deejays.

“Buzz” encompasses all things that make Popcaan great, and the fans are behind him 100 percent. “Unruly always bring d buzz to dancehall. trouble,” commented one fan.

“Buzz” can be streamed below.