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Offset’s Son Kody Spits Some Fire Bars In Viral Clip

Offset’s son Kody Cephus got bars that could be rivaling the Migos rapper.

Offset is a father of four, a role that he is clearly proud of according to the title of his last album. Each of his children having the potential to become stars themselves some day if they so choose, and it looks like his youngest son, Kody Cephus, may have a future in the music industry according to a video Offset recently posted to his Instagram. The five-year-old cutie can be seen hanging out in the studio with his dad, sitting in front of the microphone, and wearing headphones while nonchalantly dropping a few impressive bars. Offset captioned the adorable clip, “DIS MAN TOO READY.”

Kody’s freestyle, accompanied by enthusiastic hand motions, included the lines, “I got beats, I’ma jump on the trampoline, I’ma do all that and, yeah/I’m ‘bout to go in the building.” The freestyle is well executed for such a small child and might truly be indicative of Kody’s lyrical skills in the future.

For now, it looks like the rap prince is just having fun and enjoying his time in the studio with his superstar dad. Just like any kid who admires their parent, it seems Kody has been practicing imitating his father’s demeanor and style while at work.

Offset is on daddy duty while also finishing up the new Migos album with fellow members Quavo and Takeoff. The rapper has spoken about his fatherhood challenges before, explaining that it was difficult to find a balance between being present for his kids and staying on the grind towards success. However, videos like the one of young Kody hanging out in the studio make it clear that Offset has found a way to prioritize parenting alongside the rap game. He once tweeted an emotional shoutout to his kids while promoting his last album, saying, “I am a FATHER OF 4. The most beautiful and smart kids I could ask for.”

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